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Gif Resize

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      Full Featured Online Animated Gif Image Resizer

Cleanly Resizes All Gif Images Including Animations

You can now add your own protection to images by entering text in the form provided. max 50 characters. *See footer note

If you enter only the width, or only the height, the animation will be resized with proper aspect ratio maintained.
When you're finished, add an animation within an animation to make it really interesting. Or you can Crop The Image, Reverse The Image,
Dissasemble the image, Reassemble The Gif Animation Or Create Animations, Or Even Reveal The Code Used to Create The Image

You Currently have 0 Points.
To work with larger files, all you need to do is participate in our forum.

Your Current Access and resource level is:
0 points: Your Current Maximum Upload Size is .5mb
Your Current Maximum Allowed Width and Height is '250px x 250px'

Overwhelmed with the Controls and Options? Need Help with the Animated Gif Resizer?
See this Topic:
"I Need Help With Resizing :), Animated .gif file size and pixels"

Basic Gif Resize, Scale, Special Effects
Max Size: 0.05MB x 250px


Select "Manual Resize" First
W: H:
Advanced Gif Resize and Cropping Options
Resize Canvas:
New Width New Height    
This option resizes only the background canvas, not the subject image. Think of it as increasing the margin between subject and image edges.
*Note: Canvas size will NOT be reduced!
Horizontal Position
← →     Left: Center: Right:    
Horizontal Alignment of the Animation on the New larger Canvas.
Default is center
Vertical Position
↑↓     Top: Middle: Bottom:  
Vertical Alignment of the Animation on the New larger Canvas.
Default is middle
Replace Color:
Old Color New Color
*Note: Colors must be supplied in HEX form ie: 0000FF
If the EXACT Old Color does not exist in the current pallette, no replacement will be done.
Images should be sampled first in an image editor to find the exact hex value to replace
Crop Image :
x1:   y1:   x2:   y2:  

Alternate Crop Tool - with Graphical User Interface
*Note:The top-left corner of this image is (0 0 ); A zero dimension means the cropping area goes to the edge of the image; a negative dimension brings the cropping area that many pixels back from the image edge. For example, 2 2 -2 -2 will shave 2 pixels off each side of the image. 0 0 50 50 will crop a 100x100 px image at 50 pixels from the top left corner in both horizontal and vertical directions.
Reduce Colors :   dither:
Number of colors: (256 max)
*Note:Method Determines how a smaller colormap is chosen
diversity uses a strict subset of the existing colors, blend-diversity is a modification of this: some color values are blended from a group of the existing colors, median-cut is the median cut algorithm. The Dither option only matters if the colormap was changed. With dither on, error diffusion is used to approximate any colors that were removed. This looks better, but makes bigger files and can cause animation artifacts



No Upload??
*image protection includes placing hidden comments into the image to prevent copyright infringement.
Use this option ONLY if you are the creator of the image!
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